Distribution and application of JOTUN paints

Totunik SRL is the biggest distributor of Jotun paints in Romania. Since 2009, we are selling decorative, industrial and marine paints for individuals and private projects. We can reach and support the whole of Romania with our sales team of 4 people.

Through periodic visits to our business partners, we learn about the details and requirements of their projects. This is why we recommend the most suitable Jotun products that will save them time and cost.

Jotun paints also protect your projects from environmental factors (abrasion, dust, fire, etc.). For this reason, we not only sell paint to our business partners but also offer a product that will protect their projects for many years.

Totunik SRL is also one of the certified companies to apply Jotun paints to your facilities for long-term fire protection.

You can reach our sales team at the following e-mail addresses for your personal property, industrial projects you carry out in your companies and all your works that require paint & protection.